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10 of the Worst Star Wars Motion pictures & Reveals, Ranked

If there’s one factor Star Wars followers can untie on, there have been some horrible moments. Lucasfilms and the Star Wars franchise have spawned a number of movies and subsequent spinoffs all through the final 4 a long time.

Some have been wonderful, and a few have been downright horrible.

If there’s one place individuals are prepared to share their opinions it is Reddit. We have tallied up the votes and these are the ten worst Star Wars films or reveals.

1. Solo (2018)

Han Solo uncovers journey when he joins forces with a gang of galactic smugglers and a 190-year-old Wookie. In debt with a gangster named Dryden Vos, the crew devises a daring plan. Solo wants a quick ship, so he meets up with Lando Calrissian, the suave proprietor of the right vessel for the damaging mission — the Millennium Falcon.

2. Rogue One (2016)

One consumer posted, “I have to additionally shout out to Rogue One and Rebels, two Star Wars properties that I fully despise!” One Redditor acknowledged, ” ROGUE ONE!” Then somebody replied, “Not the worst however nowhere close to the most effective, and I can not take anybody critically who thinks so. Only a mess of a movie till the third act.”

3. Assault of the Clones (2002)

For one Redditor, “Assault of The Clones is borderline unwatchable!” One other felt, “A lot occurs in that film, but it is boring to me.”

“I nonetheless don’t know what the plot is,” wrote one other Redditor. “And the 3PO half within the manufacturing unit. Jeez…”

4. Phantom Menace (1999)

One consumer mentioned, “Man, there’s some great things in Phantom Menace, however general, it is unhealthy. Let’s not child ourselves.”

One other consumer posted, “Phantom Menace and no, having one God-tier soundtrack and lightsaber preventing sequence that can also be the best sword duel within the historical past of cinema doesn’t equal a great movie!”

5. The Power Awakens (2015)

One Redditor acknowledged, “The Power Awakens had a horrible premise, however I used to be a minimum of entertained.”

One other Redditor mentioned, “For my part, The Power Awakens is the rationale the most recent trilogy is so unhealthy. Sure, the film isn’t that unhealthy by itself, nevertheless it’s a horrible base for an unique prequel-trilogy.”

6. The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

One Redditor consumer posted, “The Rise of Skywalker is a horrible film!” Kyber99 mentioned, “The Rise of Skywalker tried to be epic however fell extraordinarily flat.” One other Redditor mentioned, “Ignoring The Vacation Particular, I am torn between The Rise of Skywalker and The Final Jedi!”

7. The Final Jedi (2017)

Shenanigans052 posted, “The Final Jedi. Fairly simply of the issues I’ve seen.” One Reddit consumer mentioned, “The Final Jedi is the worst Star Wars “something.” I dislike it as a film and Star Wars film, and it drags a lot down with it.”

8. The Ewok Motion pictures (1984-85)

Throwawaylogin2099 posted, “The 2 made-for-TV Ewok films from the 80s. I bear in mind seeing them after they have been initially aired, and I preferred them. I gave them a rewatch, they usually have been horrible.” ShaunTrek declared, “The Ewok films! Inform me I am improper.”

9. The Resistance Present (2018)

One Redditor mentioned, “I did not actually look after the Resistance present in comparison with the others.” One other consumer admitted, “TIL A Star Wars present referred to as Resistance exists!” A Reddit consumer acknowledged, “Resistance is the worst present!”

10. The Vacation Particular (1978)

One consumer posted, “Can all of us agree for as soon as in our lives and say that it’s the Vacation Particular?” One other Redditor mentioned, “For me, I would say the worst is Vacation Particular.” Lastly, one other consumer acknowledged, “The non-controversial reply could be the Vacation Particular.”

What do you assume? Did Reddit get this countdown of rubbish Star Wars movies and reveals proper, or is one thing improper with this listing? Try the Star Wars docuseries it’s essential to be watching!

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